You must be here because..

  • 1 — You know me and want to know more about my online presenceHi Mom 👋
  • 2 — You used to know me and want to know how I’m doingLiving the good life 🤙
  • 3 — You don’t know me and want to know more about meNice to meet you.

For all of the above, this is the place to be. Welcome.

My name is Ilse Löbker. I’m a 26-year-old designer from The Netherlands. This is the only place, except for LinkedIn , where you’ll find something about me, because I deleted my social media accounts back in 2018.

Long story short: Most of my days I’m working on web and app designs. I read a lot of non-fiction books. I work out at 6:15 every morning. Most of my meals are vegan. I learn Japanese for fun.


As a designer, it’s common to have a portfolio website. I decided against this. 90% of my work doesn’t see the daylight. It lives on sketch paper, in words, or in spreadsheets. Therefore, this is my personal space. I go here to check on my references, my to-read list, and recipes. Sometimes I write blogs.

Have a look. See what I like. Hopefully, you will find something you like as well.